Monday, May 7, 2007

This is my dear friend, Beth, who shows our alpacas for us. The pictures were taken while she was waiting to go into the show ring. Beth has her horse, Cord, here at our barn. The brown boy on the bottom left is Orion, and the white guy on the upper right is Pollux. Both boys placed 4th in their classes.

The show was great fun and rather profitable as I sold quite a bit of yarn and knitted stuff. I even managed to get a skein of yarn spun up for my Faroese Shawl. I have decided to use Sivia Harding's "Follow the Leader" pattern. It calls for 1100 yards but friend Cary says it will probably take less. I think I will just start knitting it and spin up what I need as I go along.


Peggy said...

Those are the cutest little babies I ever saw. So sweet. I received my fiber and soap today. It is so wonderful!!!! The fiber is so soft and beautiful and the soap, yummy, smells so very nice. Thank you so much. Hopefully, once I get back from Chicago, I can finish up the Jacob I'm spinning right now and give the Alpaca a go at. If you have any advice I'm open for it. :)

skiingweaver said...

Orion and Pollux are so beautiful! (And I love their names!) Such lovely animals... So glad the show went well for you!

Terri said...

They are so cute!! And yes I love the names!