Friday, April 24, 2009

Good morning, girls & Cord's new pasture

This is what greets me after my morning commute of 100 steps to the barn. The Girls! Actually, there are 10, not the 8 that you see here. They are always cushed down like this waiting for their morning pellets. The little door that you see on the top right is for the young'uns. The big girls can't get in there so I can keep hay and pellets For Babies Only.
And just below the door, you can see their poop place. Alpacas are so easy to clean up after because they use a communal bathroom. Tidy little darlings, aren't they?

....and here is the yard/pasture that my neighbor woman and I completed yesterday. This is part of my Cut Back on Mowing project. That lovely grass should be eaten, not mowed, right? We cut apart part of Cord's fencing and put a gate in and then wired a large area for him to graze on. I'm so proud to say that I pounded in metal t-posts on the corners and then stepped in these plastic posts. A hot wire runs across the top and then a tape with electricity runs under it. The most time consuming thing was getting the electricity to work. As it turned out the deer knocked out the big pasture again - in three places and after splicing those, we had power.
The horse that you see here is my Ivan on his way out to his own pasture. He's a big guy (Percheron/Thoroughbred) but pretty good at dressage and jumping.