Tuesday, May 15, 2007

For all you friends who shared our concern for the two little boys, Pollux and Orion, they seem to be doing quite well. Both the vet and I think they might have picked up a virus at the show we went to a week or so ago.
This picture is of Polaris, our junior herd sire. He will be going to the fall show in Birch Run. His fiber is awesome so I'm sending it off to be made into roving for spinning.
All 20 bags of fiber have been screened. Yea! I usually do it outside but it has been very windy so used my kitchen table. Three bags (two whites and a brown) were mailed off to Stonehedge in East Jordan, MI today, to be made into yarn. The rest will be roving. I dyed some silk today to add to the roving fleeces, and as soon as it dries, will take it to Suzanne Pufpaff's mill for processing. I'm hanging on to the 2 baby fleeces for myself and my Etsy store.