Friday, June 6, 2008

New Alpaca Welcome - Chinella

This little black girl, 9 month old Chinella, is being welcomed to our farm by her half brother, our herd sire, Polaris (they have the same daddy, Chin). Can you see the only white on her - her little milk mouth.
If you are thinking about purchasing alpacas or just want to visit a really nice well run farm, visit Kathy and Lew Kukla in Jackson, Michigan. They have beautiful animals that they love dearly and so enjoy talking about. Although their site isn't current (get on it, Kathy) you can take a look and make connections for a farm visit here - Luka's Alpaca Ranch I now have a business partner on this alpaca investment - Beth. She drove her van to Jackson and this is her son, John (our alpaca expert) and Chinella on the way home. Chinella cushed (alpaca's unique way of tucking their feet under to rest) all the way home and being the perfect little lady that she is, she didn't relieve herself until we got here.

Our four girls were quite aloof and acted half frightened of this little black thing thrown in their midst, but the boys welcomed her with kisses and much running, jumping, and showing off. The girls are on the left of the fence and the boys are on the right. Six of the boys are fiber alpacas (not able to reproduce) , and Polaris is our handsome, kind herd sire.
Have I mentioned that all four of our girls are pregnant. Two are due any day now, one later in the month, and Sonata, the brown girl above - behind grumpy, pregnant Lady Belita, is due in September.