Monday, June 30, 2008

Hats, Hats, and more Hats

For some reason I'm on a really, really big hat making kick. I'm averaging one every two days. I don't quite get this side of me. It's a little compulsive - like when I was making the Mobius Scarves. I can't wait to finish one so that I can get started on another. These are my own designs but I'm sure that I picked up the patterns somewhere in my past. Hopefully, I'm not really copying anyone. ♥ ♥ Remember, you can click to enlarge.

Etsy has really screwed up big time. They were adding new servers and somehow hundreds of us could not access Etsy. I wasn't able to get on from Friday afternoon until a couple of hours ago. Our provider, Casair in Stanton, MI, did some finagling for me this afternoon so that I could get in to my shop. Lots of bad feelings, negative energy over there so I'm staying away for a while. I just hope that no one tried to convo or buy from me in that time.