Thursday, March 19, 2009

JR's Morning Feed

I've had a couple requests for a JR update. Last Friday, at 6 months, he weighed 41.6 pounds with a gain of 3 pounds that week. This was a biggy because the most that he has ever gained has been 1 1/2 pounds in a week.
For you folks who are just stopping by or don't follow my blog, JR was full term in September, but weighed only 13 pounds (normal weight here on the farm is 20). He nursed fine but Sonata mom had minimal milk. He's had blood work, been to Michigan State, and we can't find anything wrong except at the beginning he had an immunity deficiency.
Three times a day he gets his gruel. Go here for the recipe.
He's a happy little guy and runs right up to me to be fed. My concern right now is his ears. Can you see in the pictures that he has hair missing? I'm not sure if it is a deficiency in his diet (zinc maybe) or if his friends have nibbled on his ears. Because he is so little, everyone eats their hay above him and they drop it on top of him. I frequently see other alpacas "grazing" on him ☺ Anyway, I'm treating him with some Tree Tea oil that has Vitamin A & D in it.

I sort of liked this picture that I took this morning of the sun pouring into the barn on JR and his mom, Sonata. The shadows are neat......
Yep, he still has a turtle neck on - not for warmth though. I just hate to see him get covered with hay when we are getting so close to shearing.