Thursday, May 17, 2007


Just remembered that I have been tagged by Hobbyzu. I need to tell 7 random things about myself and tag 7 more blogfriends. Hmmmmm.

l. I don't like to travel.
2. Appreciate and enjoy my women friends.
3. Shovel manure every day (keeps me humble)
4. Would never buy synthetic yarn (Does that make me a fiber snob?)
5. I keep a dictionary next to my computer 'cause I don't trust spellcheck.
6. Wish I would get the gumption to get on my horse.
7. Have to spin and read every day to be complete.

Now, I think I need to pass this on which I really don't feel right doing......

Huacaya and Suri

I want to try to show the difference between Huacaya alpaca fiber and Suri alpaca fiber. The large picture shows the Huacaya on top and Suri below. Can you see that the Huacaya is fluffy and wavy and the Suri has longer, straight fibers? These straighter fibers are silk like and add luster when blended or spun in with the Huacaya. By the way, we raise the Teddy Bear like Huacaya. The yarn on the right is some that I just finished and put in my shop. It's a blend of my black fiber boy, Berringer, and some black Suri that I bought from a friend.
Husband and I drove to Hastings today to deliver my fleeces to Suzanne PufPaff's mill to magically turn them into the beautiful roving that she produces for us. Suzanne and I had a long conversation, (thank you, patient Husband), about what to put with what. I took some beautiful white, raw Merino wool and hand dyed silk. Then we had to decide what colors go together, what fiber needs a little wool to enhance it, should we put this white with the black to make a gray, where should the silk go, how about adding a little of her Shetland for bounce.... on and on..... I will end up with about 10 different combinations (I think - I didn't write it all down). Now I just smile and dream about all the lovely roving I will have in a couple of months.
Now I'm off to spin up a custom order of 300 yards of really nice gray Huacaya and white Suri.