Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lady Belita's Holiday

This morning we took Lady Belita to Jackson to be bred. I always get a chuckle loading a 200 pound alpaca into our rather large, slant load horse trailer when I am used to seeing my nearly 2000 pound horse in there. Alpacas cush right down when traveling and many folks transport them in their cars or vans. I have never seen 'paca poop in our trailer after a trip. Tidy little darlings, aren't they?

Belita was our first alpaca purchase from our now dear friends, Lew and Kathy Kukla of Luka's Alpaca Ranch. Going to visit one of their studs is no big deal to Belita. When Smitty let her go in the pasture, about 10 females had to come up to say hi and sniff and check her out. At least half of them are old buddies. Unlike horses, the check in went quickly with no squabbles. Belita ran right up to the barn to investigate. I know she was shouting, "I'm home, I'm home"

Belita will be 7 in September and she has given us two boys and a girl, Celeste. She will hopefully breed to a handsome white Peruvian boy named Eveander. We are surely hoping for another girl in 11 months. With white on both sides of the lineage, the cria will be white.