Friday, May 2, 2008

View from my deck - Ivan and Abbey

The dark horse here is Abbey who was my middle daughter's 4-H, Jumping, and Dressage horse. Abbey's 28 now and retired. She has quite a bit of arthritis in her hocks and has Cushing's Disease. You would never know she is over 15 because she is so spunky and full of life.
The big white guy is my Ivan. He's 19, a Percheron/Thoroughbred cross and has lived with me since he was 3, when, by the way - he was black. He and I have pretty much done everything you can imagine - dressage, jumping, trail riding, shows, camping. He's a wise horse with an incredible sense of humor. Unfortunately, he uses his wit and wisdom teasing and making life difficult for my husband. For example, Smitty calls him and like a good pony, up he comes - until he gets to the gate and whirls around, kicks up his heels and gallops away, laughing at husband's cuss words.
Three other horses live here at our farm and be assured, you will hear about them eventually. I do love them all.

Handspun Yarn from KittyGrrlz

This is a lovely skein of yarn that Bobbi from Greenfield, Wisconsin spun from my dyed roving that I called Tulip Leaves. Maybe you remember the roving from an entry here right after Easter. I have admired Bobbi's work on Etsy for some time now. You can visit her shop here to see some more of her creatively done handspun.