Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I so this roving dyeing! And spinning it! OMG it's so much fun. I have a dozen 2 ounce bumps dyed up now for the Allegan show, but it's awfully hard not to sit right down and spin it up because I want to see what it looks like. I think the dyeing is linking into my watercolor passion which seems to be on hold right now. I do have a landscape with some sheep in it brewing in my head but probably won't wet up the watercolors until October after our alpaca show at Birch Run.

The granddaughters are coming on Thursday to spend a couple of days. Lucky us! I'm thinking of asking Meredith if she would like to spin a skein of alpaca to enter into the skein competition at the alpaca show. They have a youth division and it would be fun for her - if she wants to.
It's raining today! We so need it, and it's that nice gentle, all day, water the crops, type of rain. Thank you Mother Nature, Crop Goddess, Collective Energies, God or whoever provided this for us.