Friday, February 27, 2009

Growing Cria

When I went to the barn at noon to feed JR, I took my camera so that you could see how big the babies are. We had 5 2008 cria. First born last spring in May was Spot - remember the bottle baby He was sold in December. Then Celeste had Lyra ↑ in June, a 19.7 pound cria who now weighs 93 pounds. Look at her fiber!!! I can't wait to get my hands into it.
In July, Lady Belita delivered Mira ↓ the white cria below. That's her mom behind her. Mira weighed 24.2 pounds and is at 100 pounds now.
And, of course, here, getting lunch, is JR (Libra) who weighed 13.6 pounds at birth in September, and now weighs 35 pounds.
Our last cria ↓ is Snickers (Astra) who was born 2 days before JR at 17 pounds and weighs in at 82 pounds. He is our barn clown, right in your face, following you around. He's very brave and is the first to investigate anything new.

I went to my accountant's office this a.m. to have him finish up my income taxes. Just for the record, kids, I'm smiling.......