Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Wonderful Wallaby

I'm a spinner! not a knitter......However both of my granddaughters have birthdays this spring so this is the opportunity to try to make, not one, but two, first time ever for me sweaters . Now these girls think that I'm a talented granny. I don't bother to tell them that most of the hand knitted stuff they get from me is purchased through Etsy. Pam has made a few things for them. I just need to finish the neck on this sweater and add the hood.

I'm sure the entire rest of the knitting world knows what a Wallaby is, but I didn't. When our Monday night knitting group decided to do the sweater or socks, of course, I chose the sweater. (You who know me, know about my 4 unmatched socks). AND, I bought yarn!!! Didn't think dear daughter, mother of grandgirls, would appreciate hand washing my hand spun alpaca. This yarn is the self striping Encore Colorspun. It kind of bothers me that it was made in Turkey because I am a made in the USA kind of woman. But it is fun to knit and is washable, Nikki.

I'm knitting Meredith's first because it is larger (think about my sock dilemma). Meredith will be 9 but is very, very tall so I'm making the child's large for her and probably the child's 8 for Elizabeth who will be 6. It's been great fun and I'm a little obsessive about finishing it.

The Wonderful Wallaby, A Hooded Sweater for all ages - Cottage Creations - copyright 1984