Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fleece to Socks

You know how I love to see "stuff" made from my alpacas. At the beginning of the month, Jeanne from Eugene, Oregon bought the yarn for these socks.

They are for sale in her Etsy store (go here: ohthisnose ) but I asked her if I could buy them if they haven't sold in a week. She has a lovely store of her fiber art....beautiful quilts in all sizes, handmade shopping bags, and MORE SOCKS. I think that she should ask more dollars for the socks (well, after I buy some ☺).
The fiber originally came from Lady Belita, seen here with her cria, Celeste. We love Belita but she is rather grumpy. Her ears are usually back just like this picture. Don't get me wrong, she isn't mean and doesn't spit or anything like that. She's just a little insecure and would rather be left alone.
Back to the yarn......I had Belita's fleece blended with Merino and spun into 250 yard skeins up at Stonehedge. They do a great job. In fact, I have 10 pounds of gray alpaca and merino up there right now.
Back to the yarn.....I dyed a couple of skeins in my crock pot using Jacquard dyes. This was my last skein of this blend. So now, tah, dah, Socks!