Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Renee Spins Alpaca/Dog Yarn

A couple of months ago Renee came over to spend the day with me. We played in fiber. I had a few bags of Cassie ↓ hair that my groomer had saved for me. Renee blended it with light fawn (Oppie, I think), ran it through the drum carder a couple of times, and took it home.
........and mailed it to me this week. Two beautifully spun, 2 plied balls of alpaca/golden retriever yarn. Can you see the halo on this yarn? It's really yummy and I'm going to knit something just for myself, probably a hat because I wear one all the time in the barn.
Little Max → wishes for some.....

The really interesting thing about Renee is that she raises camels. Really! She does have an Etsy store for you to visit called HarryCamel Through her store you can commission some of your dog hair spun up. I would definitely suggest adding something like alpaca to it though. ☺from NorthStar, of course☺

Thursday - To answer the guard hair question in comments. This is from Cassie's undercoat, the fine hair that was brushed out.