Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm Dyeing for Spring

This plant from Nikki for Easter was my inspiration yesterday to heat up the dye pot. My dyed stuff makes a lovely background for the Tulips.
This fiber is dyed from roving that I picked up on Saturday from Zeilinger's mill in Frankenmuth. They did a beautiful job cleaning and processing it. And (heh, heh, wringing hands and cackling) I have over 5 pounds that will keep me dyeing for a long time.
The fiber itself is 75% white alpaca that I purchased from Okko, 20% white lamb Merino that I purchased from McMurrays, and 5%Mohair that I purchased from Edie at SpinningMoonFarm.
I'm so pumped to dye that I'm going to get at it again today (as soon as the View is over ☺)