Monday, September 17, 2007

EtsyFAST is the group that I belong to that promotes Etsy and Fiber Arts. FAST=FiberArtsStreetTeam. Frequently we create a challenge to inspire one another and to just have fun. No prizes or anything. The September Challenge was Apples. I knew that I wanted to do some dyeing for it. The two skeins of yarn above were my creation. I was so pleased and excited to get it into my shop that I didn't even do a final wash. Well, within an hour after posting it on Sunday morning, Teri, who has the Etsy shop knitsbyteri, purchased them. They are going into the mail shortly. Yea Apples! Yea Teri!
If you care at all, this is the yarn that I had Stonehedge spin for me. Stonehedge Fiber Mill is a 139 year old working farm with a custom fiber processing mill that started up in 1999. It is a really fun place to visit in East Jordan, Michigan. Opps, I got off track there. I wanted to tell you about the yarn. It is a blend of white alpaca, Lady Belita, and a Merino sheep who I don't know. The Merino is giving the yarn more memory than it normally has. I have knit some hats from it and am right now doing a cabled scarf, and it's a joy to work with.