Sunday, March 18, 2007

Merino Lamb Fleece

Oh, my! Look what I received in the mail yesterday. Three pounds of beautiful Merino Lamb Fleece. I have never seen sheep wool as clean and beautiful as this. It has hardly any lanolin in it. I hope all the little crimpies show up on your monitor. It came from the McMurray family in Franklin, MO. I originally ordered it to mix with my alpaca after spring shear. Now, I just don't know. Should I card it up? Dye it? Blend it? I think I will just wait and I'm sure it will speak to me to tell me what to do. I'm enjoying just looking at it on my kitchen table.

Weaning is going well but it makes me feel badly to hear Pollux calling for his mom and pacing the fence. He can see her but she just ignores him.