Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Animal Portraits by Ann - Alpaca Kiss

This incredibly awesome painting is done in water color and color pencil by Ann Ranlett (and it's for sale). I have admired her work on Etsy for some time now. I left her a note telling her how lovely her work is and suggested that she do some alpacas. She has been painting llamas as well as lots of other four legged friends. I hope that you look at her blog because she has a wonderful Golden Retriever that she has done, well, I believe that everything she does is incredible. I gave her free rein to use any of my pictures. My Flickr account is here.
Ann lives in northern California with her husband, two dogs, and her horse. Her web site is here.
Her Etsy store is
And her blog is
I do hope that you go visiting, especially if you have a special friend who needs an original drawing or painting.
Below is the photo that Ann used as a reference. This is Ariana with her now two year old son, Orion (Slammie). He's the alpaca that went to school with John this year.