Friday, May 22, 2009

Farm Improvements

Earlier in the week I blogged about adding some cement to the alpaca areas. This is the step that I had made for the girls. I've always wanted one here 'cause it's a little scarey for newborn crias. Can you see that I had the contractors put a rough finish on it? I'm hoping that walking in and out daily, will wear down the girls' toes somewhat so that I have less trimming to do.
And this shot below is where the boys hang out. Whenever we had rain, it would flood quite a bit. No more, I hope, 'cause they raised it about 3 inches.

And here we are inside with the girls. I made them a feed trough from gutter evetroughing. Kinda cool, isn't it? I did manage to have the drill slip and I have a very black spot on my thumb nail.
They were all hesitant about eating from it, but are doing fine now. Well, except Ariana, she doesn't seem to trust that it's ok. I may have to give her a separate over the rail pan if she doesn't catch on soon.
And below is my yesterday project. There has been a rather large area of grass between the girls' pasture, on the left, and the outdoor arena, on the right. I didn't like mowing it so fenced it in. There were gates that will open so that I can let the alpacas in through here to the outdoor arena for more pasture.
I built it with 6 old metal gates that have been around for a long time. I pounded in the T posts and wired the gates to them. Hope it holds. ☺ The really good thing is that the alpacas don't challenge fencing at all.
If it sounds like I'm bragging about my projects, well, I guess I am. I am really pleased that when I get an idea, I don't have to run out and find help. I'm slow and maybe a little dangerous with the power tools but I can get stuff done. About the power tools, I really am afraid of them. The louder the noise, the bigger the fear factor from me.