Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busy Day on the Farm

I am going to receive a couple thousand dollars in June and really need to spend it. ☺Help the economy, you know ☺ I wanted either hard wood floors in the house or cement work in the barn. Guess you know what I decided on......
Yesterday about one, the cement guys showed up. We had to rip out the mats that were in the stalls. Remember that I used to board horses. The right amount of dirt was underneath so they didn't have to add or take away any.
This is the skid loader that they used to get the cement down the aisle to the spot. I also had them build a little ramp outside the girls' door which I had them really rough up. I'm thinking less toe nail clipping. They finished about 6 and all the 'pacas had to spend the night outside. Glad the weather has improved.

....and across the road Matt was planting corn. Isn't it amazing! I think he's planting 24 rows at a time. Holy Sha mo lee!