Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yarn, Thistles, and Candles

Happy Fourth of July, to my American friends!!!...and a good old Happy Day to the rest of you folks. Hope you are having the kind of day that you enjoy most.

I've been doing some dyeing ↑ of that 65 skeins of white alpaca/merino. Six are finished and I have six more soaking while I decide what colors to use.
I spent a couple hours this morning digging up thistles in the girls' pasture. The plants are starting to produce their seeds, those really nasty round burrs that stick to everything. This has become a twice a year job for me. Can you imagine what the burrs would do to alpaca fiber? A few years back, we got some hay that had a few in and ended up having to shave everyone's top notch off. Bald looking alpacas.

Daughter Terre has started an Etsy shop with her candles. They are really, really nice soy candles. Terre brought me one a couple days ago and it seems like it is going to burn forever......and so yummy. While the kids were growing up, I wore YouthDew perfume, and that's what T scented the candle with.
I hope that you have time to go look at her shop While you are there, click on items and give her a ♥ if you have an Etsy account.