Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Good bye to some dear friends

With Smitty gone, my morning barn chores went from taking 1 hour to 3 hours. I have found really good homes for some of my 4 legged friends. These three alpacas, brown Luke, gray Boris, and black Berringer, have gone to a 4-H family in Northern Michigan. I know that they are getting all the attention and love that they need.

A really lovely 4-H family in Western Michigan has the sheep: 1 ram, 2 wethers, a ewe lamb, and 4 ewes. They are a delightful family who already have a couple BabyDolls and will take some to the fair.
The hardest friend that I said good bye to was little Haflinger Fiona. Smitty bought her last year as a 4 year old with aspirations of driving her. She spent two weeks with a trainer this summer and Smitty went up and drove her twice. She came home the weekend before we got his diagnosis.
My dear friend, Harmony and her two girls, Chelsea and Caleigh, have her to work with.
I still have 4 horses and 16 alpacas greeting me every morning. I can't imagine a life without animals.
I didn't realize how hard this post would be to write. ........ Bear with me, friends, you are all part of my therapy, I guess.