Saturday, May 26, 2007

Need Some Color in My Life

I can go just so long spinning my lovely natural colored alpaca and I need a break and absolutely have to get some bright color into my life. The bright colors above are from some Bombyx silk roving that I purchased and handdyed. I was going to use this in with the raw alpaca that I left at Suzanne's mill to be processed, but had plenty so brought it home.
I spun a single adding the silk to Tobasco's fiber as I spun, and then spun another Tobasco single, and then finally spun these two together. Was very pleased when the skein hung perfectly balanced off the winder. I thought the silk single might throw it off.
Tobasco is a reddish brown alpaca, the color of tobasco sauce. He is pictured in the entry below.

I have just about finished the socks that I am making and am sooooo anxious to get started on my shawl. Guess I don't really have to finish them........