Saturday, April 14, 2007

Awesome Yarn

I spent most of today creating this yarn that I just love. The picture on the bottom left is the fiber that I used. I had dyed this alpaca roving a couple of weeks ago. Remember? I wrote about it. It was rather felted so I had to pretty much strip it apart and loosen and spread apart the fibers. Was quite a challenge to spin because I held the stiff dyed and the very soft natural brown together in the hand that I was drafting with. My pinchy forward fingers were busy stretching and drafting too. I did the two singles the same way and then plied them together.

I had to see what it would look like done up so knitted this swatch right off my wheel. That's a US size 9 needle. I was very pleased that when I took it off my winder, it hung perfectly balanced. I always give myself a silent cheer when that happens.