Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Yarn for Etsy Shop

Because I have a Showcase (an almost front page on the Etsy site) in my store tomorrow, I wanted to do something colorful and special to be featured. This is some alpaca that I had dyed a while back and yesterday I spun into a single. Then I spun up another single of two alpaca blends (one is a Suri), and plyed them together. This yarn was on my mind when I went to bed, couldn't sleep, so got up at 2 o'clock to knit up this little swatch with U.S. # 9 needles. I really like how it turned out and wish that I had a whole bunch more dyed up.
Tomorrow is our shearing day. We will go to a friends in the morning to help shear her alpacas and come back here after lunch to do our ten. Our shearer is Dave Binkowski and his wife, Nancy, has a shop on Etsy.