Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Yarn for Etsy Shop

Because I have a Showcase (an almost front page on the Etsy site) in my store tomorrow, I wanted to do something colorful and special to be featured. This is some alpaca that I had dyed a while back and yesterday I spun into a single. Then I spun up another single of two alpaca blends (one is a Suri), and plyed them together. This yarn was on my mind when I went to bed, couldn't sleep, so got up at 2 o'clock to knit up this little swatch with U.S. # 9 needles. I really like how it turned out and wish that I had a whole bunch more dyed up.
Tomorrow is our shearing day. We will go to a friends in the morning to help shear her alpacas and come back here after lunch to do our ten. Our shearer is Dave Binkowski and his wife, Nancy, has a shop on Etsy.


Pamala Rose said...

Maple, beautiful as always.

Lisa said...

Beautiful yarn! Orion and Pollux look great too!

Jocelyn said...

Maple, this is gorgeous! My stash is so big at this point, let's see if I can resist this one.... :)

HobbyZu said...

Gorgeous! You always have such high quality yarn! :-) Have fun with the alpacas.


Peggy said...

Oh my!!!! How beautiful!!!! The colors are so nice. I have to get to spinning more. I am really looking forward to spinning the alpaca I got from you.

karabu said...

Thanks for adding my blog - your blog is great. My dream is to live on a ranch with llamas and alpacas. Untill I can have my own, I'll love reading about yours here!
The yarn is just beautiful. I haven't spun for a few years, but I'm feeling inspired looking at your shop. I hearted it for future refrence.