Monday, March 24, 2008

A Wallaby for Each

I finished the girls' hoodies and just couldn't wait until their birthdays, go gifted them as Easter presents. My friend Nancy made them matching scrunchies for their hair. (Have I mentioned that I really, really can't crochet. My fingers act like they have no memory at all. )

Both sweaters turned out a little large, but I guess that's good 'cause they may get a couple years out of them. And both girls seemed to like them. The youngest at 6 years old, Elizabeth, decided that she needed to learn to knit yesterday. That lasted about 5 minutes and we moved to the spinning wheel at her request. We waited until Meredith, 8 years old, finished the roving that she was spinning, and put Elizabeth on. Actually, she did quite well and took home a little ball. In the past she had only wanted to "pedal"

I have started a Wallaby sweater for the girls' mom, Nikki. Yesterday I asked her if she wanted a pouch and a hood. Yes, please. Guess I was kinda hoping that she would say no. But I'm still excited about doing this pattern. It works from the bottom ribbing up and I added stitches for Nikki's pouch last night (twice 'cause I just couldn't get it the way I liked).