Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Use for Alpaca Fiber

Maryanne is using our alpaca and sheep roving to create pincushion that look like the Colorado rocks she sees on fishing trips. Go here to learn more.

PrairieDaisy asked yesterday about the Matilda covers that we are using on our sheep. She talks about fiber and sheep in her blog, and has an Etsy Store. First of all I need to say I feel a little presumptuous answering sheep question because we are such Newbees, but I bought our last covers from Bonnie Sutten who lives about 20 miles from us. Her site is Sheepythyme (cute, aye?) and here is the page that talks about them. I think that they come from Australia and there are only a few dealers here in the US.

Now I need to go tell Bonnie that I lifted this sheep picture from her site.