Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm Loving Knitting these Mobius Scarves

In a week I have made three of these scarves - and - you need to remember that I'm not really a great lover of knitting. This last one is from some alpaca/merino/mohair roving that I had dyed quite a while ago. Here's were I talk about my first one. I spun the yarn as a thick 'n' thin/slubby just for this scarf. I ended up with 138 yards.

As you knit using the Moebius cast on, the rows are being added from the inside to the outside (the cast on is in the very middle of the scarf). This is a little confusing but if you knit the entire row, one half looks knitted and the other looks purled. I thought this concept would be great for those uncontrollable lumps that always end up on the purl side when knitting with a slub yarn. I cast on 86 stitches and used a circular needle (#13 point on the right side and # 9 point on the left). Maybe you can see in the picture that I did a row of yarn overs, which turns out looking like two rows.

Because I wanted to use every single bit of the yarn, I just continued knitting until the handspun was gone and added the "store bought" gold mohair around the outside. The scarf ended up being 72 inches long and 4 inches wide.