Monday, April 21, 2008

Moebius Scarf

Saturday I took a class from Lucy Bromm on how to do the Moebius Cast On. The first hour was somewhat tense - took off the extra shirt, deodorant failure, wanted a cigarette, drank a Diet Coke, but it was so worth it. Once my fingers stopped overreacting to the cast on, it was quite easy and very fast. Then the fun began! You are actually knitting from the middle out and because the needles are twisted, one side will look knitted but the opposite will look purled. It does sort of feel like magic.
I have high hopes for this scarf and right now plan on knitting hundreds. I started the scarf above with the white yarn that I just got back from Stonehedge Mill. It is 50% alpaca and 50% merino lamb, and is heavenly to knit with (I have 16 skeins of 250 yards each). Because I was experimenting, I did 2 rows of knit, then 2 rows of purl, 3 knit, 3 purl, and just changed whenever. There are 4 rows of knitted commercial mohair around the outside. I need to find that stretchy, knitted bind off directions and will finish. Yea! I will probably list it in my Etsy shop.
I had bought Cat Bordhi's book A Treasury of Magical Knitting but the cast on didn't make much sense before Lucy helped me. I think Cat Bordhi will be at Threadbear in Lansing this summer.
The most usable, helpful thing that I learned that I want to pass on is that if you use a larger needle on the right, knitting is waaaay easier. I have a US# 11 on the right and a US# 9 on the left. Why didn't anyone ever tell me this before? Is it the best kept knitting secret? Well, now you all know!
Of course, you need the needles that screw onto a cable, like Denise, or KnitPick which is what I have.


TheTwistedPurl said...

Beautiful scarf! I just adore your yarn and etsy shop.

Prairie Daisy Handspun said...

Really pretty! And it looks SOOO soft!

Jocelyn said...

this is lovely! moebius knitting makes me nervous - kudos to you for doing it!

Marianne said...

This is really pretty! I love the colors you are using.

woolies said...

I've never done moebious knitting - now I really want to learn!! Can't knit stuffed animals all the time!
Looks like fun!!

Gledwood said...

What's alpaca wool like? Does it have any special qualities? Is it any stronger, harder-wearing or less itchy than ordinary sheeps' wool?

Anyway: I bet it's a helluvalot more expensive!!


Alpaca Granny said...

Oh, gledwood, how I could go on about alpaca fiber....
Compared to typical wool, yes: stronger, harder wearing, less itchy, and a little more expensive. Some people call it the "poor man's cashmere" which I'm sure you realize comes from goats.

skiingweaver said...

(spitting coffee out while laughing re: deodorant failure, I hear you, Maple!!!)

What a lovely scarf! And, being a complete nerd, I love that it's a moebius. How cool!

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

I can't wait to see the finished moebius scarf!! That is one thing I have not knit so far, the alpaca/merino must be so soft and beautiful to knit with!!

Firefly Nights said...

Being able to use two different size needles like that is the biggest advantage of the Denise set. I prefer addi Turbos but have used the Denise needles as you describe.

Marg said...

I've only just heard about Interchangeable Circular knitting needles, here on your blog, Maple. You have the KnitPick set. Is that the Nickle Plated or the Harmony Wood? And do you have an opinion on the Clover bamboo set, and the Addi Turbos, or have you heard anything about them?

Do you find the range of needle sizes that come with your set and the cable lengths meet your knitting needs?

A local yarn shop saleslady mentioned that bamboo needles are very light weight and that they get smoother and better with use. And online I read that someone had a problem with her Nickle Plated set, that they were discolouring.

I'm trying to wade through the various options available to me. :)



Michele / akkasha said...

I am catching up on my blog reading! Has been too long since I have been able to check in.

I did the moebius cowl that is in Cat's book that was also featured on Knitty Gritty.

If you can get a copy of the Knitty Gritty episode, it really helps! I could not read it and understand what to do. But seeing how to do the cast on made it very easy.

I did mine in an alpaca/silk blend that is supersoft. Of course, it hasn't been cold enough since I knit it to wear it! *laugh*

It really is a fun technique and great for pressies. I may whip up some of these as Xmas pressies.

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