Saturday, February 16, 2008

Alpaca Slammie Goes to School

Slammie is practicing wearing a scarf to get ready for his school appearance. Needless to say, the rest of the boys think he's pretty special and think they need one too.
My friend, Beth's son, John is going to show Slammie at the Youth Fair next summer. This will be the our Fair's first ever alpaca classes.
For his Science project, John decided to do alpacas and to compliment his display, he took an alpaca to school.

John and Slammie in the van on the way to school. Slammie hesitated a moment before getting into Beth's van, but it was obvious that he trusted both of them and then stepped right in. Alpacas usually cush (sit with their legs under them) when they are in a moving vehicle, but not our Slammie Boy, he stood up looking out the front window all the way to school. He's a curious little guy.

..... and here's John and Slammie in front of John's Science Display about alpacas. The scarf says I ♥ Science.
We did laugh when Beth brought him home. He was such a good boy about not pooping nor peeing the whole time that he was gone, but as soon as his halter came off, he ran right over to the communal pile.