Monday, October 13, 2008

Appreciation of Handmade

Deborah from Fort Worth, Texas contacted me a month or so ago and asked me to knit a matching hat and scarf to be given as a Christmas present. (Wish that I had asked who it was for.) Anyway, this is what I came up with. The white is alpaca and merino, some of my mill spun, and the pink is dyed mohair and a little angora.
I finished it this a.m. and emailed Deb with pictures to tell her they were done and asked if $60 would be ok. Oh, my, she mailed me back and practically scolded me and said that she wouldn't take it unless I charged at least $85.
Isn't that amazing???? Thank you so much, Deb, from all of us fiber folks enjoying our craft. It is so nice to be appreciated.
☼ ☼ ☼
Opps, I almost forgot - I'm listing my life changes....
4. I can drive that big old John Deere riding lawn mower in the garage. In fact, I "almost" enjoy it.
5. Riley, my cat, can go outside whenever he wants. Smitty always worried that something bad would happen to him because he has no front claws. I trust that he can take care of himself.
6. Money! I have a new appreciation for the green stuff because my income has been cut into half and I have no savings. Since the kids graduated from college, I have pretty much spent whatever I wanted with little thought involved. I'm glad that I already have the important things like my Majacraft Spinning Wheel and my carder.