Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's a Girl!

Busy Day! Lady Belita had her cria this morning at 11:05. A white baby girl. We are going to call her Mira but can't decide to spell it with an i or a y. What do you think? The picture above was taken at 11:15 of her first attempts to get up and walk.
And here she is 30 minutes old taking a run around the pasture. Her fretful mom is behind and that's Lyra and Spot (2 weeks old now) getting caught up in her play.

Here she is at 35 minutes old meeting the fiber boys through the fence. That's Lady Belita behind her giving a fake spit warning to tell them not to get too close.

Because of all the confusion in the pasture, we carried Mira in to a pen to be just with her mom. She knows exactly where meals come from but not sure that Belita has much milk. Belita is really possessive about this, her 4th cria, and fake spits to warn us to stay away.... So we have been. Will weigh Mira and treat her navel tonight after they have had some time together.
Look at that fiber, my friends!
7 p.m. update - weighed, tempted, and treated navel without getting spit on. ☺ Smitty picked her up and hurried to the scales, which by the way are at the other end of the barn. Temp was normal but, oh my, she weighs 24.3 pounds. Definitely, the biggest cria that we have had.