Thursday, September 18, 2008

It May Be a Poopy World but...

.... neighbors like Dean and Billy make it beautiful!
We are a little clump of three houses set in the middle of our mile, sort of isolated, but not really. Neighbor Dean comes over every Thursday and spreads my manure for me. I still can't drive that tractor and, frankly, it scares me to try right now. I know that I will get my courage up soon. Remember, the riding lawn mower was a huge challenge.
Neighbor Billie has been watching out for me for the last 2 months. She has done some amazing things like pick Smitty's little tomatoes and take them up to the funeral lunch. She's cleaned my garage and kept people informed for us when Smitty was so sick. The list of kind deeds could go on forever. Yesterday I called her when the cria was about to be born. We didn't have to do much to help, but she was there for moral support.
♥ ♥ ♥
Before Smitty died he asked me what we could ever do to repay and thank these neighbors/friends. It's an impossible task! I just hope that I can somehow pass love and kindness on to others.