Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Toy Tractor Auction

Before Christmas I had an auction at the North Star Township hall to find homes for Smitty's tractors. They (400+) were in our basement on shelves. We used to joke about if they were going to get dusted each year. None of the kids were interested in keeping his collection, but at friend Mary's advice, I did have both of the grandgirls keep one.

This picture is one long tableful and there were two more long sets of tables forming a U around the center where the bidders sat.

I didn't think they would be worth much for two reasons. One, he didn't keep the boxes that they came in, and two, he had engraved his driver's license number on each one.

But, my friends, after auctioneer, advertising, and other expenses, I had a check for just about $12,000. Isn't that amazing!

I had a few uncomfortable feelings about selling his collection, but it is nice to know that some went to children, to grandchildren, and to collectors who appreciate their value.

This morning was brutally cold at 14 below zero. The water in the barn was frozen but I am partially to blame because I didn't think to take the nozzle off the hose. I got it thawed out by removing the nozzle and then sticking a little heater into the insulated water closet/thingy that the neighbors built for me. Remember? - here for a picture.

I had to include this really lovely photo taken by my dear young friend Heather when she came to visit over Christmas holidays.

Cold Weather is Here

Christina from Texas bought one of my Moebius scarves and in our conversations, she suggested that I design a winter hat that would accomodate lots of hair. This is what I came up with and listed it in my shop - here
Right now I'm finishing up another in a plain stockinette stitch using a natural brown alpaca/merino blend.

Chores this a.m. were a little brisk. The temp on my thermometer was zero but the television news is saying that it's 12 and 14 below zero. The temperature in the barn was 15, which doesn't seem too bad. I left the horses in and rewatered them because their water had frozen. The alpacas all have heated water. I opened the alpaca doors, but they don't seem to want to venture out. I will go back and check everyone about 10, and maybe kick the horses out. I think it's healthier for them to be outside than shut in their box stalls.