Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blog Neglect after Great Weekend

What a really super weekend I had. Youngest granddaughter, Elizabeth, age 6 was here for an overnight. We played games, made yarn, petted alpacas, and went to dinner with Aunt Terre. The picture above is of her very first skein of yarn. EeeHaw! Maybe I'll have another fiber kid. My own girls aren't interested but both granddaughters are now. Elizabeth says that she wants to start knitting on her next visit.
When I took her home, I ran over to Frankenmuth to Zeilinger's to pick up some fiber that I had left. Oh, my! I have some really, really beautiful black and some white roving - about 5 pounds of each. Per usual they did a lovely job cleaning and processing it. Was Sunday afternoon and very quiet so I got to spend some time visiting with Kathy. She says the mill is processing lots of alpaca now. I have already spun a skein of the black and am working on the white now. It's incredibly easy to spin.

Remember how I mentioned that hauling buckets of water to the animals is tough in the winter because the hose freezes so I have to take it down? Look what Jim, Billie, and their grandson built for me. It's insulated and has a light bulb to keep the faucet from freezing. I am so fortunate to have friends who care....... Isn't it just the greatest?!?
17. Even though I have an electric blanket, I wear socks to bed - usually the ones that Chris made for me.
18. With a little help from Billie, I refilled the windshield wiper fluid. Heh, heh, was easy to find because it had a picture of a windshield on it. I bought the kind that won't freeze up.
19. I find that I'm more assertive with service people because I think they may take advantage of me. I seem to have more guts to stand up for myself now.


Vtknitboy said...

wow, look at you! you're becoming a true plains woman! woot! isn't amazing what we learn when we have to do it! more power to you! love, chris

Michele / akkasha said...

It is so wonderful that your granddaughter is falling in love with fiber too! That is wonderful.

And congrats on all your accomplishments. It is also great that you have such wonderful people helping you.

Marie said...

Elizabeth looks so proud with her new skein of wool. It's so much fun passing our craft down to the next generation. I love even helping out complete strangers.

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Loved the post, Maple, and hey...I like that light bulb set up ;) And that Elizabeth is sure a cutie with a world full of personality (hmmm, wonder where any of that comes from?!?)

Also have to say, having had my hands in some of that lovely white fiber that you just picked up from Z' is truly amazing stuff!

Its always great to see you checking in ;)

Zuleika said...

So great that you can pass your love of fiber doen to the grandkids. They'll be able to learn so much from you. :-)
Your friends were so sweet to have build that for you. It's wonderful and a trued blessing to have friends like that. :-)

skiingweaver said...

Elizabeth did such a great job! How fun! (I learned to spin today, Maple, you'd be proud, lol... But I think Elizabeth's first skein looks a lot better than mine!)

Denise said...

What a fantastic setup to keep the hose from freezing. I'm sure that will help a lot during the winter, which will be coming way too soon for me. Your granddaughter is a sweetie!

Denise (fibergranny) in NH