Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Autumn Sunrise and Herd Blend Yarn

I wonder why Autumn sunrises are so intense? I took this at 7:30 this morning off my deck just before I headed to the barn to do chores. Wish I had sound because 3 of the 4 horses were whinneying and telling me to get my butte out there. It was raining a little but they don't seem to mind.
Remember I mentioned last week that I picked up some roving at Zeilinger's in Frankenmuth, Michigan? Some black and some white? This is the white. It's incredible! I used some white from the blankets of a few of my alpacas and purchased some from Katie, who is our shearer's daughter. It's all weighed, wrapped, and ready to go.
I have spun up a couple of skeins. It's very easy to spin and is coming out soft and beautiful. This particular skein is a slubby single plied with a normal single.


critter Lover said...

Wow! Talk about "Morning Glory"! The sunrise is beautiful! The roving and slubby yarn DO look gorgeous! Hope all is well!

Zuleika said...

That is gorgeous! You always seem to get such beautiful scenery over there. :-)

Michele / akkasha said...

Mmmmm.... That does look super yummy! I like the yarn.

skiingweaver said...

Beautiful sunrise! (Interesting the difference time zones make - we're in the very edge of the eastern time zone, our sunrises are a bit earlier, but sunsets are insanely early here!)