Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jennie's Lambs Arrive

Jennie had her lambs last night. We went to the barn to check her at 9 and she was acting VERY uncomfortable and I could see an occasional contraction. Back out at 11 and there were two wet lambs, on their feet, and nursing. We looked them over, tried to help Jennie dry them off with towels. and sprayed an iodine solution on their navels. Then just sat and observed. This was our first lambing experience and we felt like proud grandparents, praising Jennie on a job well done.
The little black girl (or should I say ewe lamb) isn't as aggressive as the white guy below.
I hope Smitty names them soon. Everything needs a name to establish permanency in this world of ours, don't you think?

I will get some better pictures when the light is better. Their pen area is pretty dark. They are in their own little space, enclosed with straw bales. I think the sheep folks call these little ewe/lamb spaces "jugs" and they stay here for a few days for bonding and easy access.