Monday, September 10, 2007

*****Road Trip Ahead *****

On Wednesday friend Sharon Winsauer and I are traveling to Howell to visit Beth at her store The Spinning Loft. We call Sharon the Queen of Lace Knitting. She has created, published, and is selling many of her patterns. Her latest Dragon pattern is selling all over the world and the very newest, Pegasus, is nearly finished.
I WILL resist all temptations to buy stuff. I WILL leave my credit card home. No, not really. I was just spoofing.
Remember way back in June when I talked about Karen Harbaugh, a spinner and writer?
She sent me this picture of the yarn that she made from Rouge's fiber and some Tussah silk. I love Karen's spinning because it is consistent and well balanced as you can see from the photo. Karen said that she adds the silk while spinning. "I spread out the wool fiber and the silk fiber and place one over the other as I spin"