Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Spot the Bottle Alpaca - A Minor Miracle

My friends, you won't believe this...... Last Saturday on Spot's 3 week birthday, I saw him trying to nurse from Ariana. He didn't quite get it and couldn't latch on, but at least he was in the right spot for the first time ever. I cut his bottle feedings from 6 times a day to 3, hoping to make him hungry enough to try really hard. Yesterday he didn't seem as desperate for the bottle and even left a little of the 9 ounces that he was getting.
♫♪♫ This morning he totally refused to drink from his bottle ♪♫♪
I will keep offering but am so thrilled. He wouldn't even come when I called him.
Isn't it amazing that after 3 weeks Ariana is able to restart her milk production?
BTW, this picture is of Spot and Ariana when he was just a couple hours old. I haven't been able to catch one of him nursing - but I will.