Saturday, August 11, 2007

Way back on March 25th I showed you a picture of Meredith (the perfect granddaughter) working at my loom. This is a picture of her finished pillow, all handspun alpaca. I have to admit that I did help her warp the loom, or maybe she helped me, anyway, we got it done together. She did the yarn selections and the actual weaving. I had Suzanne, the owner of SipNKnit, the yarn shop uptown, sew it into this lovely pillow for us.

Take a close look at that necklace too. We wet felted some wool balls and strung them up. I think she likes to come to grandma's house.

I asked the girls if they would like to go into the dime store in town. Of course, being mall kids, they had no idea where we were going. Youngest, Elizabeth, told grandpa that we were going to get diamonds. Get it? Dime store - Dime monds?
The dime store had a great sellection of Webkinz pets. I finally came across something the girls didn't have. We bought a pink horse and a Clydsdale horse. What a hit! I had to set up a time schedule for them to use the computer. If you aren't familiar with these critters, let me tell you about this virtual world of pets. When you purchase one (about $10) you get a number so that you can log in to and register your pet. Then the fun begins - the pet needs food and attention so you have to earn points to purchase food, clothes, furniture for its room, etc. Points are earned on a large selection of age appropriate games or school type questions. You can take your pet bowling, exercising, partying, any number of activities. I found absolutely nothing objectionable at this site and suggest that all grannys become as popular as I am by being the first to hook your little one up. Elizabeth is 5 but reading a little so we had to help her some, but Meredith, at 8, managed great.