Monday, May 28, 2007

Starting Faroese Shawl


I have a group of fellow fiber addicts who meet weekly uptown at our local knitting shop, Sip N Knit. A few weeks ago Cary of Serenity Farm suggested that we spin and knit a shawl for a summer project. Looks like we will have about 8 or 9 doing the project. Pam is coming up from St. Johns to join us. Some of the nonspinners are going to purchase their yarn and knit along. We are supposed to start on June 4th. I couldn't wait.......

I immediately got to work spinning this rose gray from Rouge's fiber. Rouge belonged to my friend, Maryanne, but she has sold him to do his studly deeds. Wish he were still around 'cause I will miss not having his fleece available. Fortunately I have about a pound left in the basement. Soooo, I now have about 600 yards spun up and ready to go.

The pattern that I ordered on line is the Follow the Leader Faroese Shawl from Sivia Harding . This is a very easy pattern to work. I have been knitting only two years and can follow her carefully written directions. I am on the shoulder lace band and am having trouble putting it down to do my chores. Is a beautiful sunny day and my flower beds haven't been touched this spring. I just want to knit.

If this turns out without too many obvious mistakes, I will enter it in the Fiber Arts competition at our September alpaca show, the Michigan International Alpaca Fest.