Sunday, March 1, 2009

Girls' Day + Dogs

Yesterday was another one of those "Oh, my gawd, I'm so happy/lucky to be alive" days. Maryann and Judy came up from down by Nashville, MI, Heather from Kalamazoo area, Beth from Alma, and neighbors - Billie and Karen filled my house with love - and dogs as you can see above. Widge, we can hardly see you back there. Five more were left home. They all got along great except once when my Sheltie Max didn't want little beagle Penny near his friend human Billie. (Or maybe, because he was the only male in the house & had to assert himself ☺)
It was pretty neat because 4 of us do get messages from animals and I have been worried about Max because he has been so clingy to me since Smitty died. They helped me come to the conclusion that, yes, he is a little insecure, but will be fine, and that I need to include him on my daily walks.