Monday, May 4, 2009

Grand Champions Chinella and Beth

I've had a little blog neglect going on here. Last week was spent getting ready for our alpaca show in Davisburg, Michigan. Both Chinella ↑ and Oppie ↓ loaded and traveled well in my van. The woman at McDonald's window did a double take at what was with us. Buddy Beth (critter lover in my comments) took both girls through the ring.
Chinella was our star! She won her class of black yearling girls on Saturday, and Beth took her back to win the ♫ Grand Champion ♫ of all the black girls at the show. You can only imagine how excited we were. We are a small farm and have never even won a blue before.
As soon as folks arrive at a show, a team of "checker inners" reads the alpaca's microchip, examines the health papers, and does a color check in the bright light before they are allowed to be stalled. Oppie's color has changed from light fawn to beige and she competed in a class called Light Colored Yearlings.
I'm very pleased that she took a second. For the folks who have followed my blog, Oppie (Golden Opportunity) is the really athletic little girl who has a mind of her own, so just getting her through the class was a super big achievement. Many thanks, Beth.
We spent time on the way home trying to decide on our breedings. Both these girls will be 2 next fall and we think that Tribute might be a good match.

This is the first that I have been away overnight in over a year and was able to do it because daughter Terre and her Golden Izzie came and stayed to do chores and care for the barn critters.....and can you believe, she even vacuumed the house. Thanks, Terre.