Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gloomy Spinning Day

Last night I finished up that lovely Beau fiber that I was spinning and got it in my Etsy store. Decided that I needed a break from conventional, consistent, balanced yarn and carded up some brown, green and pink fiber that I had in the basement. It's mostly my alpaca but has some Tussah Silk that I purchased from Castle Fibers on Etsy. Was so much fun to spin that I just stayed with it, finished, and listed it in my store also. Is hanging up drying right now.
Received a spinning order for about 700 yards of gray. I discovered that I had just enough of Rouge's baby fleece left to fill this order. It is going to be awesome yarn but a little slow because of the VM (vegetable matter). Cria fleeces are typically a little dirty. The fiber is so fine that hay, straw, anything... sticks like velcro.
Stayed close to home today because my Golden, Cassie, has an upset stomach. After giving her some PeptoBismol she seems much better.