Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meet the Alpaca Day

Yesterday our local alpaca 4-H club (the Alpaca Amigos) sponsored a Meet the Alpaca Day at the fairgrounds in Alma, Michigan. Amelia took Snickers (Astra), the white boy above, and John took Chinella, the black girl below. About ten farms showed up to display our critters. I think we had a pretty good turn out of visitors. I will be glad to hear exactly how many. Each farm brought a door prize to be mailed out and the 4-H club had a kids' table for little ones to make things about alpacas.

I'm super pleased that both Snickers and Chinny were so nice to our guests. They allowed everyone to pet and feel their delightful fiber. You know, alpacas aren't normally the cuddly critters that we portray. They are curious but usually aloof and just as soon not be touched.
I took along my spinning wheel to show folks what we do with our fiber. Was an easy day for me because moms, Beth and Gwen, did all the hard work like setting up the pens, tearing down, and transporting the alpacas. Kinda liking this.