Monday, January 12, 2009

A Beautiful Michigan Morning

I don't understand the weather this morning. It was 10 degrees and the surrounding schools had fog delays. Everything is covered with that beautiful white frosty snow/ice. The dogs and I took a walk around the property to enjoy. The pictures above and to the right are about 200 feet from the back of my house. The deer have been in there and all the hot wire fences are down. Will have my work cut out for me in the spring. They have never foraged in my little wood lot so I'm thinking they must be hungry. All our snow must be taking it's toll. I heard on the radio that December had the record snowfall for Michigan - EVER.
Remember, you can click on these pictures for enlargement - especially if you want to see my dear Cassie under the trees.

Of course, I had to give you a shot of the barn. It's so nice to have energy left over after feeding and watering in the morning. Josh is working out incredibly. He is coming 3 days a week and I, surprisingly enough, am having no trouble leaving the poop hauling for him.
I think the Heat Gods must have been angry at me yesterday. My furnace quit and I had to call a repair man. Of course, being Sunday, it was considered an emergency visit - $s. But I'm happy someone came and fixed it. The humidifier had leaked and dripped all over important things. Scott repaired it and I'm not using attached humidifier. Actually, I have a little cold air vaporizer that I'm running.
I keep a small heater in the tack room in the barn and that decided to also quit yesterday. Will have to replace that soon because I understand that we are in for some really, really cold weather later this week.