Monday, August 27, 2007

Here's our new boy who came home from Kukla's with Lady Belita. His name is Gunsmoke, but since I have such an aversion to any guns, he will be Gunny. He's quite the handsome guy and seems to know it. I put him in a pen with our Orion who was also born a year ago, but Gunny harassed him and chased him all over. Sooooo, out he goes with the big guys. Berringer, the black guy, has taken upon himself to teach Gunny alpaca etiquette and how to conform to the pecking order. You can see "Bear" taking the studly stance above after chasing Gunny away.
Dang! I wish I knew how to control these pictures. They never go where I want them.
♪♫♪ Tomorrow night is weigh in at Weight Watchers......