Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Finished Custom Spinning Order


I just finished and listed in my shop a custom order for Linda. She wanted 300 yards of this blend. I ended up with 3 skeins, one with 104 yards more than she needed. It came out really nice, softer than I expected although it has some Shetland in it. I get really anxious about adding anything to the alpaca because I don't want to take away from it's natural characteristics. This alpaca fiber came from Marianne, well, actually it came from three of her alpacas: Chewbaca, Tobasco, and Weatherby (a Suri). At her mill Suzanne added about 15% Shetland wool. It was very easy to spin and wanted to be rather light weight - DK probably. The 165 yard skeins weighed 2 ounces each.