Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Name the Cria Contest

An event in my pasture this a.m. A light fawn boy weighing 17 pounds was born at 9:30. That's his mom, Golden Shadow, standing behind him. He is still wet in this picture that was taken about 11 o'clock.
Names are always a big deal to me because it seems like there must be a perfect one. Why not have a contest? Whoever submits the name that I pick can choose $25 worth of stuff in my Etsy store.
Of course we need some rules:
1. Must be star/heavenly bodies related because our farm name is NorthStarAlpacas
2. Cannot be a name that we have already used. Residents born on the farm are: Celeste, Orion, Polaris, Mira, Lyra, Galactico, and Pollux.
3. Contest will end in 2 weeks - October 1st, and I will announce the winner here on my blog.

Goldie is telling everyone one to stay away from her baby while he's learning to stand.